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8 Interior Remodeling Ideas for Adding Style and Value to Your Home

Many homeowners focus on building major add-ons or structural enhancements to improve the value of their home, yet interior remodeling ideas rarely cross their minds. A few upgrades in the kitchen, bathroom, and living room can make it seem like your home is worth a lot more than what you paid for it.

It doesn’t take a professional interior designer to transform the look of your home decor. You may be surprised at how much value you can get from a few smart and inexpensive interior remodeling ideas. Take a look at these eight simple, inexpensive remodeling tips to add style, convenience, and value to your home.

8 Great Interior Remodeling Ideas

Upgrade Your Kitchen

Real estate experts always say the upgrade with the most return on investment is a kitchen remodel. Inexpensive upgrades like new tile and a faux-wood finish on cabinets can add greater appeal and value. Another hot kitchen trend is stainless steel finish on appliances and light switches. Simple accents such as hanging pot racks and wine racks add functionality and give more flair to your kitchen design.

Bathrooms Should Be Beautiful

Bathrooms suffer a lot of wear and tear. Consequently, there are a lot of interior remodeling ideas and enhancements that can provide inexpensive improvements there. Start with some simple cleanup and repair. By fixing up cracks and cleaning up stains and watermarks, your bathroom will gain a lot more value.

A few style accents can turn a drab, utilitarian bathroom into a relaxing spa-like experience. Replace your plain old faucet with a more modern stylish one. Install a drop sink for a more updated look. Give the bathroom a relaxing mood by eliminating ceiling light fixtures in favor of wall-mounted fixtures. Bathroom sinks are usually small, so upgrading to a granite top may easily fit your budget while creating an upscale look.

Paint: One of the Simplest and Most Cost-Effective Upgrades

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way to freshen up the look of a room, while new paint has intrinsic value in itself. Painting your interior also gives you the opportunity to create a more interesting color scheme and update your home’s look. With the right color scheme and accents, paint can add greater depth or height to an otherwise cramped space, while a plain-looking large room can become more warm and cozy.

You don’t have to hire an interior designer to paint your interior, but spending a few dollars to have an expert look at your home is usually well worth it. A designer can give you valuable interior remodeling ideas about color choices and how to highlight trim and other structural elements.

Replace That Drab Rug or Carpet

Another relatively inexpensive upgrade is new carpeting. A potential buyer doesn’t want to feel like they need to spend money to remodel the floors. Even inexpensive new carpeting will give a home a more upscale, fresh look.

Make Your Interior Look Larger Without Tearing Down Walls

The size of a home factors a great deal into its overall value, but it doesn’t require a major construction project to make the interior look more spacious. Try getting rid of some excess furniture and clutter to reveal more floor space.

A room will appear larger if you remove some heavy drapes from the windows and install window blinds, and letting in more sunlight makes a room feel more open. Another popular trick is to install a large mirror in a small room to make it seem twice as large.

Turn Your Favorite Things Into Design Heroes

If you have an interesting antique or piece of artwork, use it as the centerpiece of a room’s design scheme. Not only will this help you choose an effective color palette, but it will create a focal point that brings the whole design together. Even if you’re taking these things with you when you move, potential buyers will feel they are in a more valuable house when the design elements all enhance each other in a harmonious way.

Upgrade Fixtures

An old, noisy ceiling fan is not only unattractive, but provides inefficient cooling. An energy-efficient new fan will save you money and add to a room’s appeal rather than detracting from it. Make your home more modern and functional by upgrading to light dimmers with USB ports while also reducing energy usage and your electric bills.

A Thorough Cleanup Can Go a Long Way

Cleanliness should be your first priority. A clean house is much more attractive to buyers and inspires confidence about the condition of the home. Eliminate mold, hidden dirt, dust, and stains on walls and carpet. A regular regime of house cleaning also improves the value of the home because it prevents buildup of dirt, fungus and mold.

Getting rid of clutter is also a form of cleaning. Don’t let it pile up. By throwing out junk on a regular basis, it will be much less of a hassle to clean out your house when it comes time to sell it.

Interior design doesn’t have to be a major investment. Instead of redesigning the entire house, you can make a couple of small improvements each month. Not only will some simple interior design ideas improve your home’s value, but it will also create a more beautiful place to live for you and your family. Then you’ll be ready to take on all those larger home improvement projects!

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