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Your Waiting Room Solutions

Hopefully not a large portion of a patient’s time at your practice is spent in the waiting room. However, what time they do spend in the waiting room should be comfortable and great to look at. At Smartland®, we have the tools and ability to design build or remodel any waiting room to match the unique vision you have for your practice. As premiere dental office contractors, we can meet any need from simply upgrading and modernizing a reception area to completely remodeling the entire room.

Waiting In Style

Your waiting room should be a pleasant and welcoming experience. If your waiting room is outdated or uncomfortable it can drive clients and customers away. A waiting room remodel or an entirely new waiting room construction can turn your office or practice from a pain to a welcome break for people. If your waiting room is a problem, Smartland® is your waiting room solution.

At Smartland®, we will give you:

A comfy and/or creative waiting room can drastically improve a patient’s experience within any kind of dental practice or office and ensure they feel accommodated and return for the next time they need your services. You have a vision for your waiting room and we have the tools to make it happen. We’re with you every step of the way with expert advice and execution in your waiting room construction. Also, we work that wont hinder your business, allowing you to continue operating while we work. Contact us now and you can get a 3D rendering of your business with the completed construction so you don’t have to guess what the end result will be. Whether you need a waiting room remodeling or simply some new front desks and cabinetry, we will make it work for you without interruption to your day to day operations.

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At Smartland®, we will give you:

Our in-house team will build all custom casework and millwork off site and install it so your business can enhance the patient experience without the hindrance of constructing it in the waiting room. We can provide a vast array of casework or millwork projects no matter the material or complexity. The perfect addition or update to your waiting room is a call or contact form away. If your waiting room needs a remodeling or a modernization, Smartland® will get the project on time and under budget. Don’t wait to get the optimal waiting room solutions.

We design build and update a variety of facility components:

  • Waiting Rooms
  • Reception Desks/Areas
  • Counters
  • Break Rooms
  • Kitchenettes
  • Medical Cabinetry
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