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Fall Home Renovations You Should Do Before Winter Comes

While we often think of home renovation projects in terms of the start of the year and spring cleaning, the post-summer season is actually an excellent time to get some of those remodeling projects out of the way. In fact, certain projects need to be completed before winter approaches – either because they make your home more warm, keep it in better shape, or make it more comfortable for guests during the holidays. Here are a few fall home renovations to finish up before Old Man Winter starts knocking on your door!

4 of Our Favorite Fall Home Renovations

1. Building a Home Addition

Although it hardly seems possible with summer still hanging in the air, the holidays will be here before you know it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a proper guest room to put Grandma up when she arrives for her annual two-week holiday visit? Of course it would — and that’s why fall is the perfect time to take on a home addition project. There are many different types of home additions that range from turning a current sun porch or spare room into a bedroom suite all the way to building on to your home or creating a guest house in our above your garage. No matter what, starting in the fall increases the chances that your guest room will be ready to go as soon as family arrives for the holidays this year.

2. Replacing the Windows

Think back to last winter. Were there certain windows in your house through which you noticed a chill or drafts creeping in? If so, this may be a sign that it’s time to replace them. Another way to know if windows are old or lacking integrity is if you notice a buildup of frost or condensation — a sign that the cold air from outside is getting in and mixing with the warm air inside your home. If you live in a place like Ohio where the winters pack a punch, double-paned windows will be your friend. Make sure they have an insulative gas filling or a low-emissivity coating to ensure that they’ll do the best job of keeping the heat in and the cold out. Also avoid window panes made of aluminum; these transfer thermal energy, making them a poor choice for cold winters.

3. Swimming Pool and Patio Renovations

Summer is the time to keep it cool in the pool. As temperatures start to drop when fall approaches, this is a great time to take on any major pool repairs, a pool redesign, or even a new pool installation. In addition to it being the off-season for you in terms of using the pool, it’s also the off-season for pool repair technicians who are in high demand all summer long. During the fall, their schedules are a lot less packed, making them more easily available to complete your pool project. Their prices often drop during the off-season, so anything pool-related is an excellent item to add to your list of fall home renovations. All of this also applies to creating or updating your patio. Installing or redesigning a patio or deck in the fall not only means that it’ll be ready to go next spring; you’ll find that scheduling and pricing are much more flexible in the fall than in the spring/summer.

4. Updating Exterior Paint

Keeping a healthy coat of paint on the exterior of your home doesn’t just make it look great; it’s a necessary maintenance item to keep your house in good shape. Painting and sealing exterior surfaces (especially in areas that get lots of snow) will help keep the trim and siding on your house in excellent condition. This is not only one of the fall home renovations that need to be completed before serious winter weather strikes; it needs to be done before the mercury starts to drop. Certain paints can’t be used on days when the weather drops below 45 or 50 degrees. This means if you’re thinking of scheduling an exterior paint project, it’s better to do it sooner than later.

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