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Get Ready for the Big Game With a Man Cave Home Theater

When you’re a guy with a family, you sometimes begin to wonder where, exactly, in the house your space lies. The kitchen and bathrooms are your wife’s domain, as is the bedroom (since she long ago made you remove your sports memorabilia from the walls). The kids have their rooms, and you’ve noticed that they’ve also taken over the living room, since their toys are all over and animated movies play on a nonstop loop 24 hours a day.

For your next remodeling project, you’ve decided to transform the basement into a space that will finally be yours — a man cave. Not only that, but just in time for the big game, you’re going to up the ante and create an ultimate man cave home theater. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to making your dream a reality, let these tips inspire you as you envision your sports-watching paradise.

Plan Out Your Space

The first thing you need to decide is this: will the entire space be a dedicated man cave home theater, or do you want to have separate areas for watching the big-screen, having a drink, and shooting pool? Prioritize your wants and needs and plan out your space accordingly. If you’re going to turn the entire room into a theater, this gives you a lot of leeway to go huge with the screen size, as you can position your seating farther back. Keep in mind that if your seating needs to be closer (especially if the space will be a multi-purpose man cave), don’t go crazy with a big screen that will make everyone feel as though they’re stuck in the front row at a movie theater.

“Cave” Doesn’t Mean Dark and Cold

Whether you’re hanging out in your man cave solo after work or having the whole crew over to watch the big game, comfort matters. Make sure you finish your man cave out to the same standards you would any room in the rest of the house.

This means planning and remodeling carefully in order to make sure you’ve sealed leaks and dried everything up before putting in walls or flooring. When it comes to the floor, look for comfortable flooring options that will look great while keeping your feet warm. Lighting is also key because basements don’t usually have windows that allow in natural light from the outside, plan for lots of lamps or a finished ceiling that features recessed lighting.

Select Stylish Seating for Your Man Cave Home Theater

This new space is a man cave, not a college dorm room, so don’t finish it out and simply dump a frumpy old sofa in the middle of the room. Instead, opt for theater-style seating or other furniture options that will truly make the space something special. It’s also a great idea to add a few bar stools for additional, more flexible seating that can be moved around as your guests wish.

Consider a Pool-to-Dining Table

If you’d like to add a pool table, consider making the most of your space with a convertible pool-to-dining table. These feature a removable tabletop that can be set up quickly when you need to spread out snacks for the game or would like a place for a game of poker or blackjack. Because you won’t need an additional table, this leaves more room for your theater space. While these tips are just enough to get you inspired, the options for your man cave are endless. With a newly remodeled man cave home theater, you’ll truly feel like the king of your castle … or at least one part of it, anyways!

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