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Get Ready for Warmer Weather with These Spring Remodeling Trends

Ah, spring! A time for renewal! It’s also a great time to reconsider your home space and figure out what areas could be improved or better utilized. Both indoors and out, spring is a great time to start working on home remodeling projects. And why not? With no bad weather to halt the progress, the sky’s the limit to what you can accomplish. Check out these hot spring remodeling trends for inspiration for your home makeover.

1. Update Your Kitchen

What better way to enjoy the warm weather season than with a brand-new kitchen? Sleek, modern kitchens with colorful appliances are all the rage now. One of the hottest kitchen trends is installing quartz and other affordable, easy-to-maintain countertop materials. Glass tile and subway tile backsplashes are also incredibly popular. Lack organization space? Work with a skilled contractor to help plan out additional cabinet storage, a new pantry, or built-ins that will make everything accessible and easily within reach. A beautiful new kitchen will give you something to enjoy as you entertain during the hot summer months … and can you imagine how amazing it will be once the holidays roll around?

2. Revamp the Bathroom

As the weather heats up, wouldn’t it be wonderful to cool down in a remodeled bathroom? Curbless, glassed-in showers are currently all the rage in spring remodeling trends this year and will add a beautiful spa-like energy to your bathroom. Complete the spa experience by installing a soaking tub. Working with an experienced designer/builder will provide creative ideas for the space that you may not have considered before, from colored lighting and river rock accents in the shower to a reclaimed wood countertop.

3. Utilize Basement Space

If your basement is dank, dark, and filled with dusty boxes, it’s high time to change up the energy and turn the space into something that’s more than an attic overflow. From problems with leaking and dampness to installation of amazing lighting to compensate for the lack of windows, a basement remodel can completely transform your basement into a room that’s truly a part of your home. Whether you’ll be using it for a music room, a kids’ playroom, or a man cave, remodeling your basement is like adding a room to your home.

4. Make Your Home Energy Efficient

With the mercury rising, there’s no better time work to keep the hot air out, as well as the indoor temperatures (and your energy bills) down. Going energy efficient is one of the hottest — or coolest — spring remodeling trends. A great place to start is with low-e windows that will help repel UV rays and keep your house cooler. If your home has older doors that don’t seal properly, this can allow valuable air conditioning to escape, making your air conditioner work harder and shooting electrical bills up. Because it’s essential to install doors and windows properly in order to avoid leaks and water damage, do your research and hire an experienced contractor to get the job done right.

5. Entertain Outdoors

Nothing says springtime like creating an additional living space outdoors. Whether you design a deck, a patio, or a modest sitting area surrounded by planters filled with lush greenery, an outdoor living space is the ultimate in spring remodeling trends. Relaxing outdoors will allow you to thoroughly enjoy the warm weather now that it’s finally here. Even better? A well-planned outdoor space — even a small one — will give you a chance to grow amazing veggies and herbs that you can use in your summertime grilling. There’s nothing like dining outside surrounded by the fresh ingredients you just used to prepare the meal!

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