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The Top 5 Master Bathroom Must-Haves

While the kitchen is the most popular room for homeowners to remodel (according to the National Association of Home Builders), the master bathroom is a very close second. If you’re preparing to join the legions of homeowners getting ready to turn their bathrooms into at-home sanctuaries, it’s essential that you start your home renovation the right way.

The first step to any renovation project is budgeting, and part of that budgeting process is planning. As you decide what to include in your dream bathroom, consider the following master bathroom must-haves.

The Top 5 Master Bathroom Must-Haves

1. Double Sinks

Do not — we repeat, do not forgo double sinks in your bathroom if you have the room to install them. If you share the master bathroom with a significant other, having two sinks will save huge amounts of time and annoyance as you both get ready in the morning or prepare for bed at night. Even if you’re single, you should always remodel with reselling in mind, and double sinks will increase the appeal of your bathroom, as they’re one of the major master bathroom must-haves.

2. Luxurious Additions to Your Shower

Even in bathrooms where there’s not enough room for a tub, there’s always room for a shower. This is a place where you can go all-out to make things truly luxurious; after all, it’s where you’ll spend the most time getting clean and rejuvenating. Install a massaging shower head and body jets and a bench to prop on while you shave your legs or to relax on while you breathe in the steam. If you’re completely redoing your shower, consider a glass shower enclosure that will make your bathroom look larger and more open.

3. Proper Lighting

Mood lighting is fantastic; there’s nothing like stepping into your dimly-lit bathroom amidst the glow of scented candles and settling into a steaming bubble bath to relax. However, there’s also nothing as frustrating as trying to take care of your grooming in the near-dark because you don’t have proper task lighting in your bathroom.

Our suggestion? Put the bathroom lights on a dimmer switch so you can raise and lower the light levels at will. Even better — install devoted lighting around vanity mirrors for when you need to get up close and personal with a pair of tweezers or trimmers.

4. Separate Water Closet

For a complete bathroom renovation, consider walling off your toilet area to make a completely separate water closet. This is especially nice if you share the bathroom with a partner, as it gives one person privacy so they can take care of their business while the other person showers or uses the rest of the bathroom space.

5. In-Floor Heat

Especially if you live in a place where the weather gets cold and bitter in the wintertime, we highly recommend in-floor heating as one of the essential master bathroom must-haves. A complete bathroom renovation is an excellent time to add this feature in if you don’t have it already. There are three kinds of in-floor heating: you can install radiant air floors, a hot water (hydronic) in-floor heating system, or electric radiant heat. Since heat rises, this is a much more effective and energy-efficient way to heat your bathroom than other heating methods.

As you work through your budget and think about the master bathroom must-haves that top your personal list, talk to your contractor. They’ll help you plan out your project and decide which items make the most sense for your bathroom layout, as well as your lifestyle.

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