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Time For an Upgrade? Follow These 5 Home Renovation Tips

Are you looking to upgrade your home? Whether you are looking to increase your home’s value in order to sell it, or simply looking to renovate, there are some great home renovation tips you’ll want to keep in mind. These tips will all increase your home’s value, improve energy efficiency, and create a beautiful atmosphere for you and your family.

5 Great Home Renovation Tips

1. Renovate the kitchen

One of the best ways to increase your home’s value is to upgrade various aspects of your kitchen. Potential buyers know that the kitchen is one of the rooms in the house where they will spend the most time. There are lots of different renovations you can consider doing in the kitchen based on your budget and time-frame. Painting walls, replacing cabinets, and upgrading appliances are all prime examples of great ways to make your kitchen unique and beautiful. According to Remodeling Magazine, kitchen renovations are a critical part of a buyer’s decision to buy a home. In fact, 51 percent of men and 62 percent of women said they would fall in love with a home if it had a gourmet kitchen. To create a gourmet kitchen in your home, consider buying stainless steel appliances or upgrading to granite or quartz counter-tops. Ready for the renovated kitchen that becomes the statement room in your house? We’re ready to bring your vision into reality! Contact us today to learn more about our kitchen remodeling and design-build services.

2. Add an outdoor patio or deck.

Another great upgrade to consider for your home is adding a patio or deck to your outdoor space. A deck provides your home with additional living space, thus creating an indoor-outdoor flow. Decks are great for entertaining, which is a great benefit for your family or potential buyers. Adding a deck is cost-effective, and is one of the many home renovations which will provide you a substantial return on investment. Some other great renovations tips include adding a seating area, barbecue, or outdoor lighting to your deck area.

3. Renovate the bathroom

Just like the kitchen, renovating the bathrooms in your home is a huge selling point with potential buyers. By modernizing the bathroom with fresh, clean fixtures and new lighting, you can create a space that is both visually appealing and functional. One great bathroom renovation tip is to replace existing shower/tub areas with more modern units. Frameless shower enclosures have become a key way in creating a luxurious bathroom space without completely changing the structure of the bathroom. Frameless shower doors make bathrooms look larger, make the space brighter, and reduce the growth of mold and mildew in the enclosure. This means less cleaning for you, and a more beautiful bathroom space. Bathroom remodels are second only to kitchen remodels in return on investment for renovation dollars spent when it comes to improving resale price and increasing homeowner satisfaction. Contact us today for your custom bathroom remodeling, renovation, and design-build needs and have a private space you may never want to leave.

4. Insulate your home

ne of the biggest buzzwords in home renovation tips is energy-efficiency. One of the simplest ways to increase your home’s energy-efficiency is to add insulation. Air constantly leaks out of your home through small gaps by windows, doors, and in the attic. By properly sealing gaps around your home and adding insulation, you can reduce the amount of air lost. In fact, most homes in the U.S. do not have enough insulation. If you added up all the air lost through leaks in your home, it would be equivalent to leaving one window open all year-long. Properly insulating your home also reduces noise from the outside and the amount of pollen and dust in your home, which can reduce allergies. Insulation also helps control humidity levels and prevent ice dams on the roof in winter. All of these are great benefits for you and your family, but can also be a selling point with potential buyers.

5. Add curb appeal

A great way to increase your home’s value, or simply improve the look of your home, is to add curb appeal to your property. First impressions are key when it comes to selling a home. According to the National Association of Realtors, 63 percent of buyers will drop by a home after viewing it online. For this reason, having a beautiful exterior is key in getting buyers to the front door. Some great renovation tips include keeping the yard well-groomed, adding colorful flowers, and lining pathways with outdoor lights. Some other ways to increase curb appeal include power-washing the exterior of your home and driveway, as well as having the all the windows washed. A clean home shows buyers that if the home is well-maintained on the outside, it is probably well-cared for on the inside. You can also decorate the front porch for the given season. Having a welcoming entry-way and front door is another key way to draw buyers into your home.

When it comes to home renovation tips, there are endless ways to create stunning and visually appealing areas throughout your home. Before you go to sell your home, or start a renovation project, it is important to consider these five home renovation tips.

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