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What Exactly Does ‘Design-Build’ Mean?

A Harvard University study in 2015 examined the skyrocketing trend of homeowners that are making serious improvements to their existing residence as opposed to buying newer, larger homes. So we wanted to make sure that you understand the best possible solution.

Leading the surge are homeowners in high-income metro areas who value the architectural charm of older homes but desire modern amenities and energy-efficient utility system upgrades. Yet other causes also have input into the need for major home renovations: purchases of houses that have been gutted of utilities, homes with large lots that can easily accommodate expansion, rural homes that lack modern amenities, and homeowners seeking a refreshing full home renovation. Each of these home remodeling projects will have a significantly better outcome with the use of design-build services.

What is design-build?

Simply stated, design-build services are used for a comprehensive, single source renovation, which includes both the design layout and construction manpower needed for residential repairs, renovations, or additions. Commercial and industrial projects have a long and successful track record incorporating design-build services, and for homeowners considering a major expansion or a full home renovation, design-build has quickly become a preferred method when compared to hiring multiple contractors for different phases of the project, or even the alternative of hiring a design firm plus a general contractor to handle the construction phases.

The conventional system of major home remodeling involves hiring an architect, interior designer, and/or landscape design firm to provide the design and blueprints for the remodeling project, along with a general contractor to fulfill the designer’s intentions as spelled out in the blueprints. A general contractor is then placed in charge of the overall coordination of the demolition and construction and is tasked with obtaining the proper permits, and the hiring, scheduling, and supervising of subcontractors capable of constructing or installing each system as needed. Major home improvements can take many weeks to complete, involving multiple tradesmen and material suppliers, and each installation must be scheduled efficiently to prevent interference, mistakes and wasted time.

Design-build services present a vast improvement in major home remodeling projects by implementing a team approach and streamlining the traditional system by providing one entity accountable for the entire project from start to finish; including all architectural and structural design blueprints, fees, equipment and material acquisition, utility installations, demolition and new construction, landscaping, and clean-up. Maybe the most attractive and valuable part of hiring design-build services is that the original price presented by a design-build service will not change due to independent contractors who tend to modify prices as the job progresses or waste valuable hours in non-productive activities to benefit the final invoice.

A reputable design-build service will give the homeowner access to architectural designers, carpenters, interior decorators, electricians, plumbers, cabinet and countertop installers, landscapers, and any other experts skilled in high-end installations. Instead of the homeowner juggling all these factions, there is only one point of contact whereby the client presents their desired remodeling aims and the hired design-build firm makes it happen. The contracted firm will manage all construction costs, sequencing the project for a timely and chaos-free completion, all while working in close communication with the homeowner – ensuring all parties are on the same page.

Expect the following when you decide to enter a design-build services contract:

Project Accountability

The design-build firm works with the client to establish a remodeling budget that meets the client’s expectations. A reputable firm takes the responsibility for reaching the end-result, on-time, and within budget. Major projects, if not handled right, can get messy and steer off-track, leaving homeowners with more headaches than results. Design-build firms take the helm, removing the home owner’s stress by reducing the chaos.

Project Collaboration

Meeting the homeowner’s expectations makes for a successful design-build project. Working together as a team to reach the goal of customer satisfaction is what has distinguished design-build services in the commercial and retail industries. At the end of the day, there is no finger-pointing as the firm and client remain in close, open, and honest communications.

Client Involvement

Homeowners should and do desire active involvement with remodeling projects. Many design and construction decisions will be made and this should actually be a satisfying part of the process for both parties. Design-build services depend on the client for acceptance of any material substitutions or design changes — many times offering little-known industry insight to the homeowners advantage.

Efficient Timelines

Getting your home project completed means tight coordination of different contractor schedules, inventory availability, and those unforeseen weather events. This is where design-build firms use their experience in providing cost-effective solutions — adapting and responding to keep projects on track despite circumstances.

Before you move ahead with home renovations, contact a design-build services firm to discuss the process and costs. Often, homeowners have found a design-build service to present substantial savings over hiring an architect plus a general contractor. Your project will run more smoothly, remain within budget, and provide exceptional expertise in design and construction.

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