Protection for your cars

You love your cars. They’re important to you, and you want to maintain their value. Shouldn’t you protect them from the elements and give yourself more space to work on them and enjoy them? A new metal garage will do that for you, and at a lower cost than you might expect. We’re here to help you design and price the metal garage that is right for you.

From two cars to a collection

Our metal garage buildings come in every shape, size, and type and can be customized with extra doors and windows and other accessories. Whether you need a garage to hold two cars or a whole collection, we’ve got you covered. And our metal garages are made to last. From the smallest size to the largest, every one of our metal garage buildings is made from the highest quality 26-gauge steel for durability and performance.

Easy to assemble

Our metal garages are designed to be affordable and easy to assemble. You will be surprised at how quickly we will have yours installed and ready to use. We promise that your garage will look great when it’s built and for years to come. We offer paint warranties of over 30 years to protect your investment no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

We’re here to help

Our top of the line, professional engineering team is here to help you, whatever your needs. We take your input and requirements and turn them into the metal garage building that you envisioned, and all at an affordable price.So what are you waiting for? You should have the garage of your dreams. Check out the 3D-Design tool today, and watch your garage dreams come to life.

Made the USA

We are a proudly patriotic company, and so we are pleased to inform you that every component of your customized garage will be designed, manufactured, and fully assembled 100% in the USA. Every piece will be produced to the highest engineering standards in our-state-of-the-art plant and custom-fit for your project.
Metal Building 3D Designer3D Tool
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