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Sustainability: It’s the Smart Construction

At Smartland®, the phrase “green building” is more than a service. It defines our unwavering commitment to helping clients conduct business in buildings and other industrial facilities that are affordable. Affordable by reducing operating costs, abiding by regulations and fostering sustainability. In short, our Commercial Green Building team helps clients to design and build high-performance office space from project inception to completion and post-construction review.
Sustainability: It’s the Smart Construction

Explore Green Building Options

Solar: Roof and Land

Smartland® is your trusted partner when it comes to green building in the Ohio region. With years of renewable-energy consulting and numerous sustainable building and green projects on our track record, we are well positioned to provide top-quality advice on all types of projects. From the mundane green construction to the complex, let us put our solar energy expertise at your service.

LED Lighting Retrofit

How do you save money without investing too much on a big sustainability project? Hopefully an LED light bulb above your head just lit up. An LED light retrofit might be your best bet for quick and easy green building project. For years, Smartland® has helped hundreds of clients reduce energy consumption and utility bills, often through simple yet efficient retrofit projects. We have the necessary real estate expertise and regulatory-not to mention fiscal- knowledge that you need to successfully implement LED lights.

We’ve Got You Covered

Smartland® spearheads all types of projects, but the most important factor for us is your comfort. Whether you need an environmentally friendly building or run an office, our experts are here to help you. They will work with you throughout all phases of the construction process, selecting a team of contractors familiar with everything from green building to processes that enhance thermal, visual and acoustic comfort.

At Smartland®, we offer

  • Completely Custom Design-Build to Meet Your Green Building Needs
  • Expert Guidance with Product Selection & Installation
  • Excellent, Professional, & Efficient Installation
  • FREE! 3D “Virtual Rendering” of Your Sustainable Building Project
  • FREE! Consultation –  Contact Us Today!  (440) 201-7982
  • Serving all of Northeast Ohio and the surrounding area
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