LED Lighting Retrofit

Shine Some Light On The Subject

At Smartland®, we offer:

  • Completely Custom Design-Build to Meet Your Green Building Needs.
  • Expert Guidance with LED Light Selection & Installation.
  • Excellent, Professional, & Efficient Installation.
  • FREE! 3D “Virtual Rendering” of Your Sustainable Building Project.
  • FREE! Consultation – Contact Us Today! (440) 201-7982.
  • Serving all of Northeast Ohio and the Greater Cleveland Area.

The Future Looks Bright

Our unique approach to retrofitting will save you time and money. We conduct an energy audit at your business or the facility to be retrofitted. We then discuss our findings with you and develop a proposal for your review and approval.

Our team schedules the retrofit at a time that works for you. Our specialists replace CFL, incandescent and fluorescent lighting with long-life, energy-saving LED lighting. They make sure all products comply with EPA specifications as well as Ohio state environmental and real estate legislation.

In North East Ohio, Smartland® is known for advising business clients on retrofit projects that offer substantial energy savings. For the last several years, we’ve worked on retrofit projects and green building for office and healthcare facility space that helped clients save billions of kWh of electricity. (Which, if you want to know, equates to millions of cars off the road for a year).

More Benefits To LED

Besides energy savings, LED lighting retrofits provide benefits such as:

  • No ballasts
  • No hassle in fluorescent tube disposal
  • Lower A/C costs
  • Utility rebates
  • Tax incentives

Your business can benefit fiscally if you install LED lighting in accordance with The Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Tax Deduction (CBTD), Federal Tax – Section 179(d). The Energy Policy Act of 2005 created the CBTD to diminish the initial cost of investing in energy-efficient lighting and other building systems via an accelerated tax deduction. The tax deduction is based on an annual reduction in energy usage of at least 40%. This special tax deduction allows building owners (or tenants) to write off the complete cost of upgrading a building’s indoor lighting, HVAC/hot water and building envelope in the year the new equipment is placed in service, capped at $1.80/sq. ft.

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