Metal Home Construction

Is it time to consider a metal home?

Most people don’t think about a metal home, but they should. Steel frame and structure homes offer a lot of advantages, which is why you’re seeing more and more of them. Because they require just two or three weeks to build compared to the months it takes for a traditional house, metal homes tend to cost less per square foot to construct. They also offer superior strength and durability and will require less repair and maintenance over the years. We use the best insulating systems, so our houses are energy efficient. And metal homes will withstand weather conditions or fire situations that traditional houses don’t stand a chance against.

From starter homes on up

Metal homes come in more sizes, shapes and price ranges than you might imagine. If you are looking for a starter home, you will be surprised by the affordability of our metal homes. You can choose from a ranch house, a farm house, or a traditional-style home. On the other hand, if you are dreaming of a high-end, one-of-a-kind showcase home, you’ve also come to the right place. We can’t wait to show you what others have done with metal construction.

Flexible space

One of the best things about metal houses is that they don’t require interior load-bearing walls, so you can have very spacious interiors – or you can easily subdivide a space without incurring a major expense. This makes a metal house ideal if you anticipate needing a business office with a separate entrance, now or in the future. Just incorporate that into your customed-designed floor plan.We want to bring your dream home a reality, and we can start now. Check out our 3D-Design tool for yourself now! You’ll see what we can do for your new, cozy living space.

Made in the USA

We are a proudly patriotic company, and so we are pleased to inform you that every component of your customized metal home will be designed, manufactured, and fully assembled 100% in the USA. Every piece will be produced to the highest engineering standards in our-state-of-the-art plant and custom-fit for your project.
Metal Building 3D Designer3D Tool
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