Protect your assets

Could your operation or organization benefit from a large metal storage building to shelter your fleet of commercial vehicles or other valuable equipment? The elements can be harsh in Northeast Ohio – rain, snow and hail; sun, wind and ice. Vehicles left out in the open are vulnerable to damage and wear & tear, not to mention vandalism, theft and safety considerations.

Benefit your business

Whether your business is landscaping, catering, printing, commercial transport or people transport, a climate-controlled metal storage building could lower your maintenance costs, reduce your risk, and make your people more productive. It would also give your operation extra space for other uses.

Customize to suit your needs

Our metal storage buildings are sturdy, durable and pre-fabricated for quick and easy assembly by our contractor professionals. And our buildings can be customized to store just about anything. We offer metal storage buildings designed for boats phone cases wholesale, RVs, buses, even aircraft. We also manufacture metal buildings for self-storage business operators. So what are you waiting for? Check out the 3D-Design tool today. You choose the colors, the window and door placement, and the floor plan.

Made in America

We are a proudly patriotic company, so every component of your customized metal storage building will be manufactured in the USA. Every piece will be produced to the highest engineering standards in our-state-of-the-art plant and custom-fit for your project.
Metal Building 3D Designer3D Tool
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