Two-Story Custom Home Addition - Richfield, Ohio

New two-story, 1,545 square foot (total) home addition project in Richfield, Ohio. The two-story addition is being added to the right rear area of the house. 1st floor of the addition will add 560 square feet of living space and will feature a kitchenette area, rec. room area, a large cedar wood sauna and a full bathroom with a custom tile and glass steam shower. The rear of the rec. room features a custom retractable folding glass EuroWall and door system, full height 16 foot wide, leading to the new seamless stamped concrete patio and a new fire pit in the rear yard. 2nd floor of the addition will add another 560 square feet of living space and will feature a brand new 5th avenue-boutique style master walk-in closet attached to the existing master bedroom as well as adding a new separate bedroom with its own walk-in closet. The full basement area of the addition has a separate front walk-in entrance with a stairwell and adds another 425 square feet of living space which will feature a future in-home office and an in-home microbrewery. Various additional enhancements include: interior door replacement, newly remodeled exterior of the front foyer entrance, European style stretch ceiling in an existing family room, and new stucco siding and trim around the entire house.