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In accessing Smartlandconstruction.com it is understood that you have reviewed and consent to adhere to the terms and conditions detailed hereafter:

Smartland®  Construction is a commercial/healthcare remodeling, casework-millwork, and design-build company and as such Smartland®  Construction and its website, Smartlandconstruction.com, seek to assist clients with commercial/healthcare remodeling, casework-millwork, and design-build services. The information available at Smartlandconstruction.com is intended for the sole purpose of educating clients and website visitors about the commercial/healthcare remodeling, casework-millwork, and design-build services services offered by Smartland®  Construction and is by no means definitive.


All content found on Smartlandconstruction.com including images, text, and logos is property of Smartland®, LLC, unless otherwise stated, and cannot be duplicated without the express permission of Smartland® or Smartland®  Construction. If you choose to duplicate any content found on the website in any way, without the authorization of Smartland® or Smartland®  Construction, you do so at your own risk.

Links to Outside websites

Smartland®  Construction has no control over the content of outside websites linked to Smartlandconstruction.com These websites do not represent Smartland®  Construction or Smartland® in any way and do not express the views held by Smartland®  Construction, Smartland® or any of its representatives. Links to any outside website on Smartlandconstruction.com are provided for informational purposes only.

Privacy Policy

Accessing Smartlandconstruction.com implies consent to the website’s privacy policy. Smartland®  Construction and Smartland® recommends that visitors regularly review the privacy policy. Lack of familiarity with the terms of the privacy policy does not constitute lack of consent upon access of the website.


The “Contact Us” page on Smartlandconstruction.com is designed to open communication between site visitors and the representatives of Smartland®  Construction. Several different departments are represented and any inquiries should be addressed to the appropriate contact address. While Smartland®  Construction makes every effort to forward any misdirected correspondences accordingly, Smartland®  Construction cannot be held responsible for any mis-addressed inquiries.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of Smartlandconstruction.comare subject to change at any time deemed appropriate by Smartland®  Construction. Any changes to the terms and conditions will be reflected in an update of this page. Smartland®  Construction is not obligated to notify users of any changes made and visitors are held to the terms and conditions current at the time of access. Smartlandconstruction.com advises visitors to regularly review our terms and conditions.

Additional Questions

If you have any additional questions regarding the terms and conditions of Smartlandconstruction.com, please do not hesitate to contact us at (440) 374-8403.

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