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6 Reasons Why Winter is a Great Time for Home Remodeling Projects

When it comes to taking care of your home, spring is the season for cleaning and winter is the season for … home remodeling projects? You may find the second part of that statement surprising — most people do. They imagine that spring and summer are the best time to renovate that kitchen, install that new pool, or build out that guest suite.

One of the biggest secrets in the home remodeling world is that scheduling in the winter is best. Here are six reasons why building out that basement while the weather is frosty makes sense — and cents.

1. Flexible Scheduling

Because the height of remodeling season is the spring and summer, those are the times when contractors are the most busy. This can make it hard to get scheduled in unless you plan far in advance. If you do get in, your contractor will likely be juggling your project with several others. While hiring a reputable contractor means that they’ll work hard to provide the highest quality work, they likely won’t be able to spend the same amount of time planning and working with you in the warmer months as they will when things slow down in the winter.

2. Pay Less for Materials

Manufacturers raise the price of materials such as cabinetry, lumber, and windows in the springtime — right around the time that most people begin remodeling. In the winter, they’ll often run specials in order to clear out inventory to make room for the following year’s stock.

3. Pay Less for Labor

In the summer when scheduling is tight, contractors are working to balance projects and customers. It takes lots of time and careful attention to ensure that the work is well-done and everything gets finished on schedule. Difficulty in coordinating multiple schedules means that prices tend to be higher in the summer. In the winter, many contractors will offer more attractive prices in order to be able to complete projects when things are less hectic.

4. Contractors Can Work Around the Weather

Concerned about how you’ll fare with dust and debris floating throughout the house while everyone’s stuck inside for the winter? Worried about having part of your home open and exposed to the winter weather while building out a home addition? Contractors can take advantage of today’s technologies to ensure that none of this is a problem while completing your winter remodel. They can use fans, room barriers with plastic zip doors, as well as materials to seal off heat ducts to ensure that dust and fumes are confined to the work area and your home stays tight and snug while the work is being completed.

5. Securing Approval for Home Remodeling Projects

If you’re working with an experienced professional to remodel your home, they’ll insist on securing all of the proper permits from your local government. The offices that provide these permits get slammed in the spring and summer, leading to long waits. Finding an inspector when everyone else is also looking for one can be frustrating, as well. By scheduling in the winter, you’ll skip the wait.

6. Prepare for Nicer Weather

You’d love to have a beautiful outdoor kitchen or a brand-new swimming pool, but you’ve been hesitant to tear up the backyard during prime barbecuing season in order to get one. If you can schedule while the weather is mild enough for the work to be completed, the wintertime is the perfect time to complete outdoor home remodeling projects. Not only will your contractor be better available for these projects in the winter, they actually don’t mind working outside when the weather is cooler.

If you’re waiting for spring or summer to start your checklist of home remodeling projects, don’t! Complete them this winter and your home will be ready to enjoy by the time nice weather rolls around.

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