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Utilizing a Home Addition to Improve the Flow of Your Home

Many families agree that home sweet home could be a lot sweeter if it were more functional. Cramped and cluttered bathrooms shared by the entire family as well as isolated kitchens that prevent the person behind the stove from interacting and socializing with everyone else are a thing of the past. So why should you put up with them in your home? Here are a few ways you can plan a home addition that will really improve the flow of your home and make day-to-day life much easier.

Expand and Open Up the Kitchen

Galley-style kitchens that are cut off from the rest of the house used to be popular. They gave cooks and party hosts a place to prepare that was out of sight of guests, friends, and family members.

Today, things have changed significantly. All of the hottest restaurants have open-concept kitchens, and homeowners have followed suit. Large, open kitchens provide plenty of storage and work space while allowing people the luxury of interacting with their family members or party guests while cooking dinner or prepping the next round of hors d’oeuvres.

If space becomes an issue when opening up and reorganizing your kitchen, bumping it out will let you expand it and greatly improve the flow of your home.

Create a Living Room You Can Really Live In

You’ve always dreamed of a vibrant, big-screen TV with explosive surround sound. However, if you install this kind of setup in your current living room, the effect would be like sitting in the front row of a movie theater, squinting up at figures that are twenty feet tall.

If you’re tired of tripping over your kids’ and spouse’s feet when you get up to grab a snack when everyone gathers to watch a show, it may be time for a living room expansion. This could come in the form of bumping out your current living room or building an all-new living room addition. Either way, an expanded living room will add to your family’s daily enjoyment, whether the kids are better able to stretch out and do homework or you’re finally able to install the home theater system of your dreams.

Bump Your Bathroom to the Next Level

A bathroom addition can mean the difference between family members jostling for bathroom counter space and you having the spa-like retreat you deserve. Give the current bathroom to the kids and create a bathroom addition that will help improve the flow of your home.

From improved storage, upgraded fixtures, and luxurious options like a steam shower or a soaking tub, a brand-new bathroom will help de-stress the adults while improving the morning traffic jam and helping everyone’s day move along much more smoothly.

Give Your Guests a Garage Apartment

Another option to give everyone privacy and improve the flow of your home is to create a guest suite above your existing garage.

Whether you frequently have friends who visit from across the country or grandma flies in and spends a few weeks with your family during the holidays, a garage apartment addition is a fantastic remodeling decision. It will not only make for happier guests by giving them extra space and privacy; it will also make for a happier family when no one is forced to give up their bedroom or share a bathroom.

Planning for Your Addition

When you need more space in any area of your house, it can be frustrating to visualize how to bring it to life. That’s why hiring a skilled designer/builder can help. In addition to walking through your home and talking with you about potential solutions, they can even create 3D renderings of what potential options could look like. They’re also experienced with the ins and outs of different types of remodeling and building projects, so they can help you plan and create a realistic budget for your addition.

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