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Build a New You by Turning Your Basement Into a Home Gym

As we bring in the New Year, it’s time to start hitting those New Year’s resolutions. Work less, eat healthier, and of course, the ever-popular resolution to work out more. That last one would be a lot easier if you didn’t have to waste time traveling to and from the gym.

Building a home gym would eliminate that problem, but you’d either need to give up your guest room or build on an addition. Or, you could make real use of wasted storage space by turning your basement into a home gym! Here are a few things to consider before you start hauling in the gym equipment and shedding off those pounds.

5 Things to Consider When Turning Your Basement Into a Home Gym

Keep it Comfy

Basements tend to be damp and cold, especially in the winter months. If you fail to finish out your basement properly, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever venture down into the chilly space to fulfill your New Year’s resolution.

Because of this, take proper steps to ensure that your basement is properly prepped before the remodeling project begins. This means filling in cracks and taking care of any moisture or leaks that may be present. It also means properly insulating exterior walls and ensuring that the space is properly temperature-controlled. While keeping things toasty warm in the winter is a concern, don’t forget to plan for air conditioning when you’re sweating away in the summer months. Tie into your existing HVAC system to take advantage of the heating/cooling system for the rest of your home.

Plan the Layout According to Your Workout

What type of exercise do you prefer? You’ll need to think about this as you plan your remodeling project to decide how much open space is required. Built-in wall hooks, racks, and shelves to hold equipment like small dumbbells and yoga mats can help save floor space.

Beyond that, consider what your ideal exercise routine looks like. Do you need ample space to jump rope and do lunges? Is running on a treadmill your preferred method of cardio? Will you require a weight bench? Planning all of this out ahead of time will help you lay out the space properly — which will encourage you to actually use it when it’s finally finished.

Install Gym-Appropriate Flooring

When remodeling your basement, you’ll need to install appropriate flooring. This will help insulate your feet from the cold and make the space more comfortable. When you’re turning your basement into a home gym, though, not any flooring will do.

Consider rubber flooring for your new home workout space. It will look just like the kind you find in commercial gyms. Rubber is waterproof and stands up well to abuse and having heavy equipment placed on it. It will help keep your feet warm, especially if you do yoga or other exercises that call for bare feet. In addition to all of this, rubber will provide insulation if you do high-impact exercises like plyometrics.

Brighten Things Up

Another deterrent to venturing into your home gym? You’ll make excuses not to go downstairs if the space is dark and depressing. Because most basements are devoid of windows that provide natural light, this means that you’ll need to be very generous with the overhead lighting. To really open things up and make them look brighter, install large mirrors along one of the walls. This will also help you keep good form as you curl those biceps or strike the perfect Downward Dog pose.

Spend Where It Matters

When considering any remodeling project, it can be difficult to know where to focus your spending. Because basement remodeling requires extensive prep and waterproofing in order to ensure that you don’t face problems down the road, working with a skilled contractor is highly recommended instead of trying to do it yourself. Once the space is ready, cut costs by outfitting it with equipment from secondhand shops. While that may not sound as exciting as buying new, thrift stores are flooded each year with weight benches, treadmills, and more from people who made New Year’s resolutions only to have them lapse. As for you, this year will be different. After turning your basement into a home gym, you can be certain that this is the year that your workout resolution is here to stay!

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