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Don’t Just Clean, Try These Spring Home Improvement Projects

Spring is in the air! As we emerge from our wintertime hibernation while shading our squinting eyes against the bright sun, we suddenly find ourselves inspired to throw open the windows and clean house. We’ll beat out dirty rugs, clean out the musty pantry, and chase pesky dust bunnies from under every bed.

What if you took your spring cleaning to a whole new level this year — totally transforming your home with a few renovations instead of simply shining it up? Here are a few spring home improvement projects to consider as the weather turns beautiful this year.

Our 5 Favorite Spring Home Improvement Projects

1. Create a Basement Home Gym

Instead of dragging even more unused and unneeded items into the abyss of your basement, why not clean it out completely and turn it into something useful like a home gym? Let’s face it: although your New Year’s resolution to work out more started with good intentions, you’ve only made it to the gym twice since you signed up. With a finished-out basement, you can easily turn the space into a convenient workout room or yoga studio that you have no excuse not to use — after all, it’s right downstairs!

2. Install an Outdoor Kitchen

As the weather gets nicer, it’s natural to want to spend more time out in the fresh air. A truly great idea to put on your list of spring home improvement projects is designing and installing a beautiful outdoor kitchen. The space can be as simple or sophisticated as you wish — from a seating area with a nice grill to a full outdoor kitchen complete with a refrigerator, sink, and plenty of countertop space. No matter what kind of outdoor kitchen you choose, it’s sure to be the site of many great memories as you gather there with family and friends.

3. Build on a Home Addition

The holidays may seem like a distant memory by the time the first flowers begin to bloom, but they’ll be here again before you know it — and with them will come family members who need a place to stay for several days or more. If you make a home addition one of your spring home improvement projects, you’ll increase your space and lessen your stress the next time your mother-in-law or Aunt Edna comes calling.

Thankfully, home additions aren’t one-size-fits-all and there are many different ways that you can make these sorts of projects work for your space. Depending on the layout of your current home and property, you may bump out a current room, build on an entirely new room, or add a second floor addition to your home or over your garage. By working with an experienced contractor and having them come out to look at your home and discuss the project, you’ll be able to plan the kind of home addition that will work best for you, as well as for grandma.

4. A Brand-New Kitchen

You planned for your family to eat healthier this year, but always find that dining out and picking up last-minute to-go orders is much easier than cooking at home. This spring, get inspired to make more homemade meals by completely transforming your kitchen. Nothing will spark your imagination more than working with new and updated appliances. In addition to this, having more countertop space and ample storage space to work with will make things more convenient and increase the likelihood of you actually using your kitchen. You’ll find that you’re able to make healthier meals than you get at a restaurant, as well as save money in the process!

5. Get Creative With Storage

Finally, banish clutter forever by building unique storage solutions that fit your home and family’s lifestyle. This might mean designing a mudroom to catch all of the shoes, backpacks, and coats that march into the house. It could also include shelving, pull-down racks, and custom cabinetry for the garage. This way, as you declutter this spring, one of your spring home improvement projects will be to ensure that the clutter never takes over again. Do you need some budget help in order to start 1 of these 5 home improvement projects in your home? Learn more about Smartland Residential Contractors’ unbeatable financing options.

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