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Reclaim Your Home — and Your Sanity — With These In-Law Suite Ideas

No matter how close your family is, in-law visits come with a certain amount of stress. In addition to the prospect of living in close proximity with your spouse’s parents for a few days or a couple of weeks, there’s always the looming question of where you can find room for them. At first, you and your significant other abandoned your bedroom for the duration of the visit. The last time, you forced your oldest child to give up their room and bunk with their younger sibling — resulting in huffing sighs, angry glares, and an overall unpleasant visit with Grandma and Grandpa.

You’ve finally had enough, and it’s either sell your home or make additional space for the in-laws. Thankfully, there are plenty of in-law suite ideas, and one of these additions will certainly work perfectly for your home.

Our 4 Favorite In-Law Suite Ideas

1. Turn a Porch into a Bedroom

Do you have a sunroom or a little-used porch? If so, you have a ready-made place for an in-law suite addition. Enclosing it and insulating it is a low-cost way to create an extra bedroom. You might even consider going all the way and segmenting off a portion of the space to create an ensuite bathroom. This way, in addition to not having to share your kids’ bedroom, Grandma and Grandpa don’t have to jockey for space amidst a room full of Mickey Mouse toothbrushes, well-worn bath toys, and wet towels tossed everywhere.

2. Finish Out the Basement

Basement in-law suites can be problematic if you have older in-laws who have mobility issues. If they’re spry and able to get up and down the stairs easily, a basement bedroom suite may be the perfect way to keep your in-laws close without having to give up your own bed to them. It’s important to follow all the proper steps to prep your basement and waterproof it before you start finishing it out. Once you do, depending on the size, you’re free to turn it into a basic bedroom, a suite with a connected bathroom, or even a luxurious area complete with a small kitchenette so your in-laws can enjoy a quiet cup of coffee in the morning before the grandkids realize they’re awake and descend upon them

3. Create a Private Garage Apartment

For the ultimate in private in-law suite ideas, a garage apartment can’t be beat. This can be done in one of two ways. If you don’t use your garage that often, you can convert the entire structure into an apartment that’s easily accessible without going up and down any stairs. If you do use your garage and your in-laws can navigate stairs easily, consider expanding your garage upwards. This home addition project won’t cost you your current car storage or workshop space, but will provide your in-laws with a quiet, private space where they can come and go without disturbing the rest of the family. This is especially useful if they come for long visits or if one or both of them needs to move in to be nearby.

4. Add on to the House

The most involved in our list of in-law suite ideas is also one that will allow you to completely customize the space, and that’s building a home addition. You may decide to build up or out; talking to a contractor will help you decide the best decision for your home, to achieve your goals, as well as to stay within the zoning and building code requirements for your area. No matter which of these in-law suite ideas interests you most, meeting with a contractor will help you lay out a budget and create a realistic timeline. That way, the next time the holidays or Grandma’s annual visit rolls around, you and your home will be ready for a fun and (mostly) stress-free visit.

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