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Enhancing Your Backyard With a Deck, Patio, or Outdoor Kitchen

As the weather warms up and the flowers begin to bloom, everyone’s thoughts begin to move outdoors. The best way to take advantage of all that springtime fresh air and sunshine is to create a backyard entertaining space. This can mean enhancing your backyard with a deck, building a patio, or designing an outdoor kitchen.

Let’s look at these three options and discuss why homeowners might choose each one.

3 Tips for Enhancing Your Backyard

Elevate Yourself With an Amazing Deck

Not clear why some homes have decks and others have patios? A deck is an elevated patio. It’s ideal for homes that are elevated over their backyard because it allows the occupants to simply walk right into the outdoor space without going downstairs. Decks are also great for homeowners with uneven backyards, as well as those who would like to take advantage of amazing views. Just because you’re hanging out on a deck doesn’t mean that you have to be on full display. Design your deck railings to provide maximum coverage while still allowing for airflow and a view.

If you’d like extra privacy from certain angles, strategically-placed planters will add a natural touch while blocking views from the street or the house next door. Keep in mind that when installing a structural component like a deck, it’s beneficial to have an experienced home contractor do the job. This will ensure everyone’s safety, as well as making sure the job is done right the first time around.

Perfecting Your Patio Space

Meanwhile, patio spaces typically sit on solid ground. You might even out the space by having your contractor install stained concrete to add stability and a pop of color. You could also install pavers or lay down pea gravel for a more rustic outdoor style. Enhancing your backyard with a patio space will provide an outdoor living area, but it will be up to you what function that living area will take on. Will it be used primarily for dining? If so, a table with ample seating will provide everyone with a place to eat, drink, and be merry. If you’d like to create an area for people to lounge, chat, and relax, opt for a more casual seating setup that involves low couches made of wicker or another weather-resistant material. Accent the area with a low table or really go the extra mile and install a fire pit.

If shade is a concern, consider adding a pergola to the design. The beautiful beams on top will help provide a bit of shade while still allowing in plenty of light. If you’d like a bit more shade, plant hanging vines like bougainvillea that will grow glorious flowers and wrap around the side and upper beams to provide even more of a barrier from the sun’s rays.

Go Al Fresco With an Outdoor Kitchen

Dining outside is wonderful, but cooking outdoors is even more so. Why settle for a tiny charcoal grill when you could have a gorgeous outdoor kitchen? Today’s outdoor kitchen designs have almost everything you’d find in an indoor kitchen. In addition to a grill, you can install an outdoor refrigerator to handily hold all of your cold items or raw meat.

Tired of heading back inside to wash your hands or clean things off? A sink in your outdoor kitchen space will save you time and prevent frustration, as well as making cleanup a snap. Of course, the ultimate outdoor kitchen is one that hearkens back to Old World Europe. If you’re a true foodie, go all-out and have your contractor put in a wood-burning oven. There’s no better way to make thin crust pizza or roast an herb-coated chicken than by using the heat of an open, wood-stoked flame.

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