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Start Your Year Off Right With These Remodeling Design Trends for 2018

Like clothing fashion, home design fashion comes and goes. What was in when your home was built twenty years ago is likely now considered out of style. With every passing year, the home building and remodeling industry sees new colors, materials, and technology that are exciting and fresh. If you’re thinking of updating your home this year, don’t start planning without taking a look at a few of the top remodeling design trends for 2018.

More Color Throughout

This year you’ll start to notice people really showing their personalities through interesting color choices. In recent years, trends have swayed more towards neutral colors. Now, designers are moving more towards warm, earthy colors such as rust, camel tones, and tobacco.

You’ll notice interesting colors in more places than just living rooms and bedrooms, too. While kitchens have traditionally been rather bland in terms of color, 2018 will see an explosion of blues, grays, and rich, natural wood tones such as mahogany. A tasteful touch of color really warms a room up, whether everyone is gathered around the bar at the kitchen counter or sitting on the living room couch for a family movie.

Throwback Lighting Fixtures

If you’ve gone into any hip new restaurants lately, you’ve likely noticed interesting lighting fixtures featuring exposed Edison bulbs or housings made of unexpected materials such as wine bottles or Mason jars. This vintage design aesthetic is also taking hold in homes everywhere. Homeowners are looking for antique chandeliers or retro lighting fixtures that can be rewired and installed in their remodeled kitchens or bedrooms. They’re also looking to upcycle or reuse materials to make interesting fixtures — whether it’s out of metal piping, an old metal basket, or empty bourbon bottles.

Sinks That Make a Statement

Today’s kitchen and bathroom sinks are chic, low-maintenance, and infinitely more usable than the sinks of the past. Gone are generic stainless steel kitchen sinks and the easily-scratched white porcelain surfaces. One of the hottest remodeling design trends for 2018 is sinks made of interesting materials such as granite, concrete, stone, or even metals such as copper.

Farmhouse sinks are a must — not only in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom. These deep, wide designs can accommodate the largest pan or baking dish (in the kitchen) or two people brushing their teeth side-by-side (in the bathroom). With their rustic appeal and functionality, farmhouse sinks are definitely here to stay for many years to come.

Accommodations for Older Family Members

Another one of the popular design trends for 2018 has less to do with style and more to do with family and function. While having a full guest suite has often been viewed as an option or a luxury, many households with ill or aging family members are now making it a necessity and integrating it into their remodeling plans. Depending on your family member’s ability to move around freely, this might include converting the basement or room above the garage into a large bedroom with a bathroom. It could also mean building an addition to your home – an option that may be best for a family member that has trouble navigating stairs. Handicapped-accessible doorways and bathrooms can be designed into these plans. Many people find that this allows grandma to still live independently while keeping her close at hand and giving them huge peace of mind.

What new and exciting styles and changes do you envision for your upcoming home remodel? Talk with your contractor about what other remodeling design trends for 2018 could really make your project pop! Out with the old and in with the new, it’s time to transform your house with the new design trends.

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