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Backyard Deck Designs That Will Transform Your Property

If it’s time for an upgrade to your home, there are a lot of possibilities for ways to update your property and make it more enjoyable and livable. Some people opt for a newly remodeled kitchen, while others finish out their basement and turn it into a workout room or office. If you’re thinking about taking on a remodeling project, you may want to consider transforming your outdoor space with one of these gorgeous backyard deck designs.

Freestanding Decks

In some situations, a freestanding deck is the best solution in terms of backyard deck designs. Perhaps you want to take advantage of a specific view that will be best accessed from a particular spot in the yard. A freestanding deck is also a great option if you want a raised deck, but don’t have a raised entryway on the back side of your house. A freestanding deck can add a beautiful architectural element to an otherwise boring backyard.

Raised Decks

We briefly mentioned raised decks in the last section, but let’s discuss them in a bit more detail here. Raised decks work well for houses that have backyards that drop off steeply, as they allow the homeowner to have a usable backyard space that attaches to their back entryway. Of all the backyard deck designs, a raised one is the best to maximize your views and exposure to cooling breezes that might otherwise be blocked by surrounding vegetation or fences.

Ground-Level Decks

Although most people tend to think of a raised deck when they envision backyard deck designs, you can also create a gorgeous outdoor living space that consists of a ground-level deck. This works well for older people, people with small children who are worried about steep stairs, or people with accessibility issues. A ground-level deck may truly be built on level with the ground, providing easy access that requires no step up at all, or it can be slightly elevated with one or two small steps.

Tips When Considering Different Backyard Deck Designs

No matter what kind of deck you’re considering, be sure to really make it your own. No deck is one-size-fits all, so think about what your family will likely use it for. If you plan to entertain large groups and eat meals outside often, walking to the far side of the back yard and toting platters of food up twenty steps to reach the top of the deck may grow tiresome. If your yard lacks trees, make sure to consider the need for shade during the hot summer months.

Also remember to make it comfortable and usable. With backyard deck designs, patios, and other home renovation projects, it’s common for people to get caught up in the idea of how something will look without considering how it will feel when you’re using it. Include plenty of space for seating that will allow guests to kick back, lounge, and relax.

Let’s not forget the most important tip of all: once your deck is built, take the time to actually use it. With daily life coming at you, it’s easy to prioritize other things over spending time outdoors. Even if you need to schedule in an evening here and there to cook out, hang out, and relax outside with family and friends, you’ll find that spending time on your backyard deck helps you de-stress and build happy memories that will last a lifetime.

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