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The Keys to Building a Modern Dental Office

When it comes to modernizing a dental office, using the latest medical technology is essential, but it’s not enough. In order for the office to feel modern and up-to-date, it has to truly cater to the customer … and sometimes this requires more than new surgical or cleaning equipment.

Revamp Your Waiting Area

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Most people dread going to the dentist and their dislike of the whole experience begins in the dental waiting area. All too often, customers are greeted with rows of uncomfortable chairs resting on outdated carpet in a space that’s cold and sterile.

This is why modernizing your dental office starts with the front end. New flooring and updated paint in neutral colors can brighten your waiting area and bring a refreshed look. If you have enough space, consider creating several different seating areas — one around a coffee table with books and magazines, another near a television, and a kids’ corner with toys, for example. The waiting area of your practice gives customers an immediate first impression and if it’s done right, can help put them immediately at ease.

Update Your Storage Solutions

Even if you’re using the latest in dental technology, your practice won’t feel that way if your cabinetry, countertops, and desks are all from the 1980s. Installing custom casework and millwork at your practice will do wonders for its overall appeal and utility.

Using a design-build dental office firm ensures that each element is custom-built for your space and your specific needs. Having them constructed off-site and then brought in for installation ensures less downtime for your practice and a speedier process overall.

The finished result? A newly-modernized reception area to greet your customers, as well as exam room and laboratory-area storage that looks great and is perfectly suited for your practice.

Grow with Your Practice

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Every business owner wants to see their business on an upward trajectory, but with that growth can come a period of growing pains. You may notice that customer base has begun to spill beyond the bounds of your practice, leading to long waits for appointments. As your staff has grown, you may find that everyone is struggling to make accommodations in a space that suddenly feels too small.

In order to continue the pattern of growth, it’s essential to make changes. Depending on your location and budget, this may mean moving and building out an entirely new office space, expanding into available square footage next door, or simply reworking and optimizing your current space. Talking with experienced dental practice design consultants will ensure that you get the guidance you need to move your practice in the right direction.

Upgrade Your Communication Methods

Modernizing a dental office is about more than appearances; it’s also essential that when you give the space a makeover, you make sure you’re keeping up with the latest ways to communicate with your customers. This means being active on social media to educate your patients about dental issues and office specials and events. Because few people can keep up with those tiny appointment cards, it also means utilizing methods such as text, email, and online check-in to confirm appointments and remind patients of missed appointments.

Modernizing a Dental Office — Moving Into the Future

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For those who are hesitant to take on this level of change, consider that even if you’re still waiting to bring your practice into the 21st century, all of your competitors are doing it. Whether you’re planning a period of growth or would simply like to provide the best experience for your current customer base, modernizing your dental office is the best way to take your practice to the next level.

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