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Utilizing Design-Build Services to Create Your Dream Home

When you’re investing a huge amount of time and money into a major remodeling project, you want things to go smoothly. This is particularly the case with big projects such as gutting and updating an entire house, altering the footprint of a kitchen or large bathroom, or building an addition onto your home. For these projects, design-build services can save the day.

What Are Design-Build Services?

Design-build services allow you to take advantage of design layout and construction from a single source. Rather than dealing with two different companies, design-build services provide you the expertise and consistency of working with one firm. Is it really worth it to seek out a design-build firm? What are the benefits of design-build services?

Knowledge and Experience

When you’re undertaking a major project, you don’t want a builder winging their way through the design process. This is why securing the services of a dedicated designer is important. With design-build services, you get a built-in architect/designer that works hand and hand with the construction team so that when the project finally gets underway, you know everything will flow and work as planned.

Guaranteed Accountability

Another benefit of design-build is that it puts everyone on the same team, working towards the same goal. This means that there’s no passing the buck from one company to the next. If something goes wrong, it will be addressed quickly and appropriately. Your team’s priority is creating the best-quality product and providing the best customer service for you.

Consistent Communication and Planning

Working with one company also means that everyone is on the same timeline and in communication with one another. When you work with different companies, a delay in one area can cascade and send the entire project off kilter. As a homeowner, it’s also frustrating to become the manager of the project, working as the ambassador between the designer and the builder if problems or questions arise. Design-build services create a cohesive schedule and put everyone in constant contact, taking you out of the middle of things.

Effective and Efficient

“This can’t be done that way. It’s got to be redesigned.” It’s what the architect drew up for your home addition, but your builder says it won’t work due to an issue with plumbing or wiring in the existing structure. If you had used a design-build company, the two would have been able to identify any problems in the plans beforehand. Now, the project will face delays as you wait for at least a portion of the design to be changed. Whether it’s an unexpected flaw in the design or a better, faster, less expensive way to do it, when you have your designer and builder in communication with one another, the result is one that’s more effective and efficient. This means that your project gets completed with less delays and with less added expense.

Cost Savings

The temptation to piecemeal things together when you’re doing a home construction project is huge — whether it’s doing bits of the work yourself or brainstorming a design and hiring different companies to complete the work. When you’re trying to save money, hiring a design-build firm can seem like an expensive proposition. Not so!

In fact, working with a design-build company can help you save as much as 10 percent of the entire project cost. These savings happen when the firm helps ensure that the project goes according to schedule with no major delays or surprises. Most importantly, you save when the work is done right the first time around and doesn’t need to be repaired or redone later. Working with a company that’s experienced in design-build services can help ensure the consistency, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness of your brand-new kitchen, finished basement, or major home addition.

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