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Remodeling Resolutions: Finish Your Basement in 2018

For too long, your basement has been a musty, forgotten space. You venture into it to drag down unused workout equipment that’s taking up too much space in your master bedroom, grab holiday decorations, or drop boxes of toys the kids no longer play with. Your basement is a dead zone.

But do you remember that New Year’s resolution you made about finishing your basement? Has it slowly faded away after only a couple months? It’s time to turn all that basement square footage into a space you’ll actually use. Here are a few creative ideas to bring your basement to life once more!

Our 6 Favorite Basement Remodeling Ideas

1. Sweat It Out in a Basement Home Gym

You’d work out a few times a week, for sure… but getting to the gym is half the battle. Along with your resolution to exercise more this year, make a basement gym one of your remodeling resolutions. Whether you’re into free weights, battle ropes, yoga, or prancercising, it’s easy to customize your basement into a workout space you can use at any time of day or night, regardless of the weather.

2. Enjoy Sports and Your Favorite Flicks in a Home Theater

With Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and so many other companies streaming fantastic movies right into your home, there’s really no reason to go to the theater anymore. That is, unless you enjoy watching your flicks in the dark, on a huge screen, while relaxing in comfortable movie theater seating. By turning your basement into an amazing home theater room, you can get the total movie theater experience without paying $50 for popcorn and drinks for the family.

An added plus? When you want to watch the big game, there’s no battling the kids to turn off Spongebob Squarepants. Give them the upstairs TV and descend into your sports paradise.

3. Your Good Boy Deserves a Pet-Friendly Basement Space

Keep your furry friends in mind as you consider different basement designs. Some people opt to turn their entire basement into a pets-only zone. This is especially helpful if you have active pets that tend to misbehave when left to roam throughout the house when you’re away. Even if you don’t devote the entire space to Fido, you can still cordon off a small area for him or work to make the space more pet-friendly than the rest of the house.

4. Get Your Productivity Mojo Back with a Basement Home Office

If you’ve ever tried to work from home while set up in the living room or cramped into a corner of the master bedroom, you know how distracting this can be. Having a dedicated home office is a dream for anyone who works from home, and the basement is the perfect space to make this happen. It’s separated from the rest of the house, quiet, and private — the perfect place to be productive.

5. Let the Kids Run Wild in a Downstairs Playroom

Have any of these ideas motivated to make good on your basement remodel New Year’s resolution? If not, maybe the idea of scoring a little peace and quiet will inspire you. That’s what will happen when you give the kids their very own basement playroom. Lay down kid-friendly basement flooring, give them plenty of toys, their own TV, video game systems galore, and let them go wild. Especially if you’re tired of hearing them thumping around wrestling with each other upstairs all day, this will help you turn down the volume.

6. Make Mother-in-Law Visits Go More Smoothly with a Guest Suite

The final idea for fixing up your basement space is one that will really get you moving on your remodeling resolutions. That next time your mother-in-law visits, instead of putting her in the tiny spare room across the hall from your room, why not give her the luxury of her own downstairs bedroom suite? She’ll love it … and it will give the entire family the peace and privacy they need during holidays and other family gatherings.

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